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About Chadima Furniture and Restoration

Originally called The CFR Company, we started in 1982. After hearing "What does CFR mean?" time after time, we changed our name to Chadima Furniture and Restoration, answering the question once and for all.

Our intent was to be solely a restoration and refinishing company. Since our inception, we have diversified many times, and are now a full-service woodworking company offering many woodworking services. See our home page and refer to the links on the left for all our services.

Back in 1983, when we received our first grand piano to refinish, it was time to move to bigger facilities more conducive to restoring larger pieces. We have relocated four times since 1982, and have been in our current location since 2008.

We maintain very high standards for our customers. By purchasing high quality products and tooling, we produce the best result possible.

Our Guarantee

Our craftsmanship is unconditionally guaranteed.

We offer a few different finishes, all being catalyzed for longevity and durability. With each of our finishes, we will warranty it against naturally cracking, chipping, peeling, fading, water, and warm heat (not hot heat). Our guaranteed finishes are: Standard, upper grade, premium, and top of the lineā€¦. (price varies with each option) All our finishes are options that you may choose at the time of your estimate, and are priced accordingly. We also offer polyurethane for special or commercial projects, but dry time is far slower than catalyzed finishes, so we don't use it often.

All projects will be done in as timely of a fashion as possible. One of our most stringent policies is that WE WILL NOT compromise quality for speed. Projects may become delayed to do additional unseen work not noticed at the time of your estimate. Also, commercial business must take priority over residential, but will be explained to all our customer's at the time of estimate should we be in the middle of a large commercial project, or have an upcoming one. We will call all our customers for any additional repairs or adjustments needed on your project. If we do not call, they are done free.