Commercial - Residential

Repairs Covered By Insurance

Claims will be accepted from businesses or directly from the general public. Chadima Furniture will fully inspect all items on all claims, however we ONLY perform woodworking services, and do not contract out for anything else. We offer digital pictures e-mailed, if required. We will perform woodworking services for insurance claims for moving companies, furniture manufacturers, furniture re-sellers, the public, or any other claim involved with furniture. can accept no responsibility for timeliness of returned claims when we contract out. We no longer contract out other services for claims.

Personal/General Public Claims - In the event the general public contacts us and we have not set up an account for the particular company involved in your claim, we require the customer to be responsible for the payment of all claim monies due. The claim company you are dealing with must be first time approved and have an account set up with us before services will be rendered to you, if you wish your claim to be paid by them and not you personally. This can add to the turn around time for all projects. All personal/public claims should check with your insurance company to make certain all fees will be reimbursed, including estimating, pick up and delivery fees. For rates and/or fees, please contact us by phone or on our contact page form. If you are a first time claims customer, please call first. Our company e-mail addresses are not listed, to prevent spam e-mail.

Business Claims - Please contact us directly by phone if you are a new claims customer. If you are a previous claims customer, you may direct e-mail us with prior e-mail addresses given. We reserve the right to invoice your customer for any and all claims business invoices, should your payment be delayed for any reason.