Commercial - Residential

At Chadima Furniture & Restoration, all our custom built projects are made from only the very best hand-picked pieces of lumber to insure that ONLY the best possible lumber is used.

We change sources only when we need to so that we can purchase top grade plywood and solid wood. We shop all our suppliers for the best price as well as the best looking wood. We can only offer top grade lumber pricing, as that is all we buy.

The power and hand tools we use in our shop are constantly being upgraded. This is done to provide efficiency and keep your cost down.

We use a wide variety of pneumatic tooling, top of the line epoxy and hide glues and the best fillers available. Building a high quality piece of furniture, custom cabinetry or a beautiful hand designed piece specifically for you requires the very best saws and cutting equipment, sanders and hand operated finishing tools.

Your project will only look as good as the finish that protects it. That's why we only work with "top of the line" low VOC finishes. Technologically advanced, environmentally friendly finishes will make your new furniture or custom project last for many generations to come. Rest assured that we go to every effort to make sure your piece is built solid, to look premier and last for years to come, so you can pass it on with pride.

Your furniture or custom cabinetry can be designed by our staff, or to your specifications. We take the time to talk with you in your home or office to design what you want, or we can pre-draft a computer design of our own to give you some ideas. We design and build cabinets such as: entertainment centers, bookcases, bathroom vanities, computer stations, kitchen cabinet additions, and more. We design and build furniture such as: Home or office desks, coffee and end tables, commodes, secretaries, specialized computer desks, and more.

All our custom built projects get detailed sanding to remove all planer or saw marks. We sand to the degree needed for the type of wood. Softer woods require finer sanding than hard woods. We then stain by wiping on a sealer-based stain, if the piece is to have color added. Allowing the stain to dry is the next step. Now we apply one of our three finishes by spraying, for a smooth result. (These finishes are listed on our refinishing page) Sanding between coats of finish is the next step to remove dust, prepare the surface for the next coat, and fill the grain slightly when finish is re-applied. After multiple coats have been applied, we are done and your piece is ready for delivery.

Whatever your need, we will do our very best to see to it that it is fulfilled in a timely fashion, and produced in the highest of quality.