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Chadima Furniture was one of the very first companies to offer kitchen re-facing in our area. We have been performing this service since 1995, so you know we have plenty of experience at it.

Kitchen re-facing is definitely an art form. Every kitchen we have done has been unique. With each home we enter, we measure and re-face the side panels, front facing, doors, drawers, and change all hardware including hinges and handles. We also add cabinets when requested, change existing ones, and put in fancy touches like crown molding on cabinet tops, glass doors, etc. We can change the action of drawers to allow for smoother riding with new slides and internal boxes. All sanding and finish work is done in our shop. Most houses require approximately 4-8 days of installation (depending on size and complicatedness) with minimal mess in the home. We clean up after ourselves when have completed the job, leaving nothing for you to do but enjoy your new kitchen.

Kitchen re-facing can add many thousands of dollars to the value of a home, yet costing you as little as 1/10th the price of new custom built cabinets.

Once we are in your home, we remove all the old doors and drawer fronts. We apply all the new sides to the cabinets, and then apply the new face. We fill all nail holes (pneumatically nailed for minimal sized holes), and install your new doors and drawer fronts. That's it! We pick up our mess, sweep your floors, remove all sawdust from your outside area (from cutting), throw away all trash, and you can now enjoy your new kitchen. The cost of your new kitchen re-facing should have just saved you an enormous amount compared to new custom built and installed cabinets, yet making your kitchen appear as if you just had new installed.