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Do you remember the television show Extreme Home Makeover on ABC?
The producer's of this show counted on local quality contractor's to perform their work for them. No one gets paid. It's a "giving from the heart" issue to a family that has gone through terrible times.
They hand picked contractor's by recommendation's from many sources. The contractor's had very little time to perform and amazing transformation of an entire house and it's contents within one week total.

Chadima Furniture was contacted very last minute to perform some restoration for this show.
We received a call on Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 at 5:00 pm from Alyssa in California representing the show. We were asked if we could restore 3 items in 2 days, and return them by Saturday morning. Those item's were a roll top desk, an 2 hand made chest's (cedar style).
I personally (Bruce Chadima) did these items. It was one of the bigger challenges I have ever accepted. The item's did not land at my shop until Thursday at 2:30 pm. I was panicked. I could not accept the roll top desk and have any chance of getting them all done. I did accept the 2 chest's and went to work immediately. It was a long night, to say the least. I had 18 hours in on Thursday and a few hours on Friday, once I got a small a mount of sleep.
BAM! Done by 6:00 Friday........and total exhaustion set in.
They were delivered on Saturday morning as requested.