Commercial - Residential

Our Restoration/Refinishing Process

We offer two services for this. Refinishing requires stripping, sanding, patching, filling, etc, then coloring and finishing. The second process we use is not a "refinishing" process. It's a "restoring" process that requires a little more work than the standard processes of today. It is the ONLY method approved for "true" restoration by high quality antique dealers across the country. Either service give top notch results, depending on your requirement's.


We offer two types of finish removal. Both method's are completely save for all types of furniture (even veneer!). Flow over is a method where a piece is placed in a large container and a brush with flowing stripper is used over the furniture. Stripper is immediately wiped off after it has been removed. The second stripping process we use is one that is not commonly used these days. That process is totally by hand and it used primarily for restoring rather than refinishing. We have our own stripper, mixed to our specifications, for this process.

Most people would be surprised at how fast and safe the "hand" method can be. No water rinsing, no sanding unless necessary to remove deep stains or after repairs, and no neutralizing with tri-sodium phosphate. We apply our stripper to an area, scrape it off, steel wool it dry, and re-apply one more time repeating the steel wool process again. Other than fine brass brushing detailed areas and picking corners, we are done. We wipe down the piece with a special agent that takes any residue, silicones, or waxes off that might be left. We are ready to stain or finish.


We apply a variety of types of stains depending on the color required. We also color match, and have a wide variety of "era" custom color's mixed already. In general we will apply our stain by hand and wipe it off. We can color match period pieces as well as color match new furniture in touch ups. We have a method of "toning" which allows us to deepen or offer a hue to the color of any piece. This method is called tinting, or in the wood industry it's classified as "trans-tinting.". We mix a special tinting dye color into the finish and apply to the depth or color desired.


We finish with three very high grade types of finish. All our finishes and top of the line. They are the best technologically advanced, environmentally friendly finishes on the market that are low "VOC" so we can remain as environmentally friendly as possible. This means you, our customer, get the most durable, longest-lasting finishes available. Our grades of finishes range from nitro cellulose lacquer (not a lot of water/heat protection), next our upper grade finish – good water and heat resistance, our premium finish – very good water and heat resistance, and finally our top of the line finish – offering the most water and heat resistance.. Each finish has an individual cost for our customer's, so you can choose which ever option you want. This helps keep our cost to you down, rather than pricing for one finish and using that price structure for all our finishes. All our finishes are sprayed to achieve the smoothest result possible. For commercial, or by special request, we will use a urethane based product, however these finishes have a substantially longer dry time, slowing our delivery time down. Urethane finishes offer the highest water and heat protection of any finish out. They do tend to "yellow" over time, so we don't use them unless it is a special request.