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Repairing Processes

Repairing requires extensive tooling for what might be considered the smallest of repairs. Our shop is highly qualified for nearly all wood repairs. We are constantly upgrading and adding to our tools to insure that we have the proper means to complete all repairs correctly, and for a long duration.

When we repair, we clean all joints before re-assembly, removing all old glue and/or wood/parts from previous attempts that may have failed. It is imperative that all wood be able to touch fresh wood for glue to adhere correctly. Glue does not stick to old glue.

Chair dowels and holes get re-drilled and replaced when needed.

Tabletops get perfect a 90 degree machine cut AND biscuit cut with biscuits inserted, before gluing. This double method of joining tabletops insures our repairs STAY together. Seams on tabletops are repaired precisely enough that they cannot be seen other than the difference in wood grain.

All joints get re-surfaced for proper adhesion of glue. We have a multitude of styles of clamps for almost any repair.

Veneer replacement is also one of our services. We can patch, or totally replace entire sections of damaged areas. We use an expensive very special veneer that is far thicker than most offered. This allows for longevity of the product.

Our recommendations for protecting and preserving your wood products can be found on our Caring for Wood page.